I Spy Snowball quilt finished

I finished up the top I made while in the states - made specifically with donation quilts or your grandkids in mind - any time you want or need a quick but themed quilt where the person who receives it is most interested in what is on the quilt and less with the design itself.

I used 10” squares - snowballing the corners and then sashing it. It’s really easy!

IMG_2511 sm name.jpg

I was fascinated by the novelty fabrics that my sis has in the store, so I put together some packs of 10” novelty squares -

You can make 2 of these quilts (you need to buy about 2.5 yards of a blender to go with the squares for each one) with one of my packs. Of course, you can cut 10” squares from your own novelty fabrics as well!

In the end, I’m pleased.

I used a wavy line for quilting and a fish print for the backing that I found here in Poland.

I thought you might not appreciate the details of the novelty prints unless I do some close ups, so here goes!

I put links on most of these fabrics so you can order them if you want. The ones I used are a random mix of squares!

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