Crumbs/strings project

With company here and just getting back to Poland just about a week and a half ago, I’m just now starting to feel like I’m in the swing of things. A little.


Now the holidays are almost upon us. With my son and his wife here, we have a few more responsibilities than if they weren’t here (family wise).

So, what did I do on this project this weekend?

I added some pieces to my wide tape so now it looks like this.


I cut off two strips so that I can add them next two rows to my top - I’ll attempt to do that when my main sewing machine is in working order simply because it’s the one I was doing the other rows on (adding piping). \when I cut off these strips, I’m using the length of the table as my guide. That way I can be pretty sure they are all the same length.

Then I located all of my crumbs/strings/strips that are already in strip form. I am going to work on something to do with them. I’m opening up EQ in the next few minute and will attempt to come up with something that I like.

The block

The block

A plan - but the colors probably won’t be like this.

A plan - but the colors probably won’t be like this.


I also found a piece of “made fabric” and cut it into bricks for a future quilt - using the bricks of crumbs/pieces (they aren’t all as small as what I would typically call “crumbs” - but rather, just small pieces) alternating with black and making this design using these crumb pieces.


I am thinking about what color to put with these, and I’m leaning towards black. The rectangles will be 3”x5.5”.

I still thinking of what to do with these, but I’m considering this plan.

plan for bricks.jpg

Just thinking at this point in the planning - subject to change!

plan for bricks 2.jpg

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