More preparation for the show!

Today we loaded most of the fabric into the cargo van and Rachael’s van for preparation for the Country Road Quilter’s Guild Show. Here’s the link to it, if you are from the area and are interested in going!

This is our first show and it’s a lot of work. If it isn’t worth it, it may be the last one she ever agrees to go to!

Here is some of how it looked! I was busy hauling and didn’t necessarily get as many pictures as I thought I had!

Rachael and her husband are going to set up the booth tomorrow while the rest of us stay back and see about keeping the store open for everyone here. Then Friday and Saturday we will be at the show. Hopefully we’ll meet lots of people there!

It’s not long now until I hope to head back to Poland! That’s coming up on Monday! Then you’ll see some more quilts, hopefully!

Becky Petersen1 Comment