The Quilt Show! Part 1

We were set up at the Country Road Quilter’s Guild quilt show in Ocala today (Friday, November 9).

If you are local and haven’t get come, then by all means, make your way there on Saturday, November 10. We’ll be set up in the back corner. Be sure to come on by and check out our booth!

It opens at 9 am! Be sure to come!

Here’s an idea of what they had there - things to do and see.

Venders: We were one of 16 different venders. There were all types of us there from wool people, to thread and other fabric people. We were pretty busy down our aisle towards the back.


An Opportunity Quilt: Here’s a basic raffle quilt that apparently the guild has worked on for the last two years. Tickets are $1 each. The donations go towards their charity efforts. It buys supplies for all their efforts.


Here are some more close ups of this amazing quilt. The back and the front.

A bunch of drawings. You could buy 30 chances for your $5 and get 30 slips of paper. You then went around and put your numbers inside the boxes or containers of each thing you were interested in. The drawing for this is going to be Saturday afternoon. Once again, these will be decided on Saturday afternoon.


A silent auction:


There were many things there that you had a chance to bid on. They use a series of numbers and you bid. The beginning bid for each item is $10. Most of these items are quite small. A couple of non quilted things were starting at $100 or more. I am still thinking about whether or not I want to bid on anything.

You will have until Sat. at 3 pm to put in your bids.


A yard sale section:

People brought their stuff that we were able to buy at deeply discounted prices. Some really cool stuff here!


A section where the Guild showed what they do - from charity quilts, to Quilts of Valor, to making pillowcases and other activities. It was a nice display.


And quilts - of course! They had 270 quilts! I’ll be showing the quilts another day. It’s too much for me and too much for you to read about it all if I tried to put it all in one post!

And that’s what we’ve been doing today. We had quite a few sales today and we had to talk to every person who came through today! We were offering people our cards/information and making sure that they knew who we were and where we were. It was enjoyable! But we are beat!

And that’s what we’ve been up to! I trust you have enjoyed seeing the pictures from the show!

Check back after the weekend to see the pictures of the quilts!

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