Red and Black strings - no name yet

When I made my first strings top, I made one I had seen someone else make - it’s more or less a classic design. Simple and nice. You can check it out here.

I noticed, however, that all of the blocks were made with the strings on the diagonal. In fact, it seemed like almost all the patterns I had seen people use, did too.

I thought, “What will happen if I make some strings blocks that are up and down and not diagonal?”

And so I made some. They looked like this:


Then I said to myself, what would happen if I made a half square triangle out of them with red. And this is what I got. When I put those two HST together. Oh my.

IMG_4553 sm.jpg

Now what?

I literally agonized over this for months even. I tried and tried to come up with a design I liked. This is my rule with regards to my strings blocks quilts - I want to like them - and I was struggling.

Big time.

Months went by and I made more blocks, albeit not very diligently. It was pretty much, “If I want to, I will.” Most of the time I didn’t really want to. Then i decided enough was enough and I needed to just finish it!

I worked up this plan and decided to just go for it even if it never would be my favorite.

IMG_9193 sm name web.jpg
IMG_9254 sm name web.jpg

I quilted it with an all over design in variegated thread - which I think is quite pretty. I found it at my local wholesale place and it’s been sitting in my sewing room for some time now. I wanted to start using it as I have 2, 5000 meter cones of it!


I was kind of in shock that the back came out this well. Here it is!

IMG_9260 sm.jpg

Here are a couple of closeups of the quilting - I am working on those feathery swirls. I want to get those down! I’ve got some work to do, but I accept my own imperfections. I realize that I am pretty typical when it comes to quilting - it looks better after I put it away for awhile!

IMG_9230 sm name.jpg
IMG_9254 sm name web.jpg
IMG_9185 sm name web.jpg

As usual, I try to get an angled shot in our front yard in Poland.

IMG_9204 sm name.jpg
IMG_9838 sm name.jpg

And as I try to do, here’s the quilt roll.

I had planned on having the pattern ready for you when I showed this quilt, but I don’t have it done. I will get it done as soon as I can, but I don’t foresee that happening before I go back to Poland. Just keep an eye out for if it if this is something that interests you.

Oh, and I don’t have a name for this one yet, so if you have any brilliant ideas (or even somewhat ordinary ones), I’m all ears!

Just put them in the comments.

I’ll consider each one. I have it labelled “red and black strings” on my file folder. That’s not very original! Obviously I need help on this one!

I appreciate any help you can give me!

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