Panels, panels, panels!

I’ve been cutting up panels for our store. Here’s the page of the ones that we have for sale, in case you are curious.

I thought I’d show you what we do.

First we get the bolt, admire it, then take off the plastic!


Open it up and check it out to see how big the panel is - some are a yard and some are less than a yard.


Cut them apart.


I cut the whole bolt apart first and throw them to one side for later folding.




Bag them. We have a 6”x6” bag that easily hold the ones less than a yard and a 6”x9” that easily hold the one yard ones.


Then they got into a plastic bin for later work by my sis.


She has to get pictures, then put them on the site and print out a label, print out a picture for the side of the plastic box. Count them, and they are ready for the store!

Everyone who thinks that having an online store is “so easy” and not much work needs to rethink that! All those pictures? it’s a lot of work, I will assure you!

But that’s how we do it. Right now we’ve been working on cutting and bagging panels, panels and more panels. We are trying to get all the panels in the store cut apart and bagged. At some time in the near future, my sis is hoping to get all the pictures finished up and the panels section of the store beefed up again. While we do have quite a few in stock, we have a whole lot more coming!

And that’s what’s been happening here! Or rather, it’s one of the things that’s been happening here!

If you want to check out our panels page, you can go here and see what we have in stock today.

Have a great day, wherever you are reading this!

Becky PetersenComment