Family Time!

Some of you realize that I’ve been in Poland most of the last 24 years. My kids are growing up and leaving home, naturally, and we don’t get to see them very often!

But recently we had occasion to see my son and daughter in law and my granddaughters!

They JUST moved to Florida!

I also got to see my son and 2 daughters on our trip to SC and Atlanta which we just finished as well! This trip has been rich in family time as well as business stuff! I am blessed indeed!

At a different time I’ll show our pictures from SC when I visited our youngest two children. (To be honest, I’ve got to find those pictures!)

But the other day we ate with my oldest son and his family. They actually live quite close to the Quilted Twin’s office! Here we are - my mom, my sis, Rachael, our spouses and my son and his family which includes our granddaughters, of course!


I know maybe it’s not the fanciest of pictures, but we managed to all get in the picture and that is what we were aiming for! It was harder than you think!

And that’s it for now. Check back in tomorrow and find out what I’ve been up to with regards to quilting! This week we have several quilt guilds and special things going on at the store, so it’s extra busy!

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