“Shadowed Crumbs”

This is number 20 in the “upcycled blues” series of quilts.

It’s also part of the crumbs/strings series.

Finishing it wasn’t hard - it was just that I couldn’t think of a way to quilt it. I waffled between an all over round design like swirls, to straight line quilting all the way through all the blocks making a grid. I did neither.

IMG_1198 sm name web.jpg

It’s super simple. All I did was make some crumb blocks using leftover pieces from the previous upcycled blues tops and added a shadow.

I then sashed them all and called it done.

IMG_1225 sm name web.jpg
IMG_1233 sm name web.jpg

For quilting - I wanted to somehow encourage the crumbs blocks to lift off the fabric if possible, so I actually didn’t quilt them at all, but quilted around them - tried to go free-hand free motion quilting with my FMQ foot - but in a straight line. Hmm. Need to improve that part of my quilting.

IMG_1239 sm.jpg

Since this is part of my upcycled series, this is a preowned duvet cover. Or rather, it was a pre-owned duvet cover. Now it’s a quilt back.

IMG_1756 sm name web.jpg

A close up of the quilting around the crumbs block.

IMG_1242 sm name web.jpg
IMG_1226 sm name web.jpg

And, as always, a quilt roll.

IMG_1774 sm name web.jpg

I did this quilt on the weekends as part of my strings/crumbs project, so possibly you’ve seen this one before- maybe even several times! I’m glad to see it go into the finished quilts pile! (Which is getting pretty big, BTW!)

IMG_1205 sm name web.jpg

I did put the pattern on the free patterns page, and attached it to the picture in the upcycled blues page. It’s really quite easy and hardly worth a whole pattern, but I wrote it up for you.

And that’s one of the things I’ve been up to lately!

Have a great day wherever you are reading this!

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