"Quilted Twins QR code"

I did several weeks of tutorials on how to make a QR code quilt. This is actually the final installment of it - how I finished it.

Here are the various blog posts explaining how I made the pattern/quilt top. Once you get the first three rows done, the rest you will understand. but you can follow how I made mine here.

Step 1 - Making the pattern.

Step 2 - Making the first three rows

Step 3 - Making the center section

Step 4 - Making progress

Step 5 - finished!

I simply straight line quilted it. This isn't the place for fancy curvy quilting. I chose straight line quilting because it will disrupt the pattern the least. You need the squares to stay in the same position so they will read the most easily with the phone.

I thought maybe a curve or swirl might make it wonkier than just washing might.

Anyway, here it is!

IMG_8726sm name web.jpg

My little tiny quilts don’t want to hang well on my clothes line. Part of it is the quilt itself and part of it is the venue.


The big ones have a lot of weight to help pull them down and keep them hanging nicely. I struggled a bit with this one.

In case you don’t have a cell phone that will read it, here is what it says:

IMG_8733 sm name website.jpg

After I washed it I tried to block it square.

Unfortunately I didn’t totally succeed. Each of my quilts is a learning experience and this one I did learn on. - I didn’t do the border very well. It is a bit wavy - I know what I did! The next one was much, much better! You just haven’t seen it yet!

IMG_8623 sm name web.jpg
IMG_8738 sm name web.jpg

And here’s the tiny little quilt roll. It is so small - about like 1/4 of my normal sized quilt!


And that’s what’s new from my sewing room!

Have a great day, wherever you are reading this!

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