"Diamond Row"

It's done!

This is number 30 in my upcycled blues series.

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It was an easy one for me to finish since I just did straight line quilting - more of an echo quilting following along one edge of the blocks, going both directions.

Simple, but effective. I needed the break from tossing around big quilts while free motion quilting. I actually went to my upcycled blues tops and asked myself, "Which one of these will do well with straight line quilting - I'm in the mood to do it!" I chose this one.

It's perfect.

IMG_9461 sm name.jpg

This design idea is a good one if you are inundated with light colored shirts to deal with. I had so many more of these fabrics than I had medium or darks, that I had to come up with some ideas for using a lot more lights than mediums and darks. 

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The back of the quilt is pieced. I am getting low on good blue to use now, for obvious reasons, so the next ones will probably not have a lot of blue backing on them.  These are all from upcycled materials, of course! If I were using new blues, I'd have plenty! I still have 4 shelves full of new blues, though some of my summer sewing hit them pretty hard.


IMG_9803 sm name.jpg

I like the strong  line made by these black/blue sets just thrown into the mix of much lighter blue pieces. While it's a simple concept, and actually quite easy to make, it would be good for either guys or gals. 

This is simple enough for anyone to make. If you have a lot of shirts or second hand sheets or bedding items, you could use them as well in it. They are often light colored, it seems.

IMG_9814 - sm name website.jpg

Here you can see that I straight line quilted it next to the ditch. It is almost impossible to stitch in the ditch when you don't actually have a ditch!  When I learned to sew and later to stitch in the ditch, we were sewing in the space when you pulled the fabrics apart after pressing the seams open. You could then stitch right down over the seam line. When you press your seams to one side, you don't have that ditch. If you do happen to press your 1/4" seams open, then you would be able to (more) easily "stitch in the ditch" than I can.  I have chosen, then, to echo stitch, or stitch "beside the ditch". It works better for me - I can do it more effectively, efficiently, and it looks so much better than stitches that weave around on and off the seam line because I can't find that non existenting "ditch"!

If you want to keep up with this whole series as I finish up the tops I've made over the last year - just go here and see what's up with them. They are all in one place.

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I've updated the pattern with new pictures and it's on the free patterns page here.

And that's one of the things that I've finished recently!

Have a great day wherever you reading this!

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