"On the Plus Side"

I finished it and I absolutely love it! 

IMG_8349 sm name website.jpg

I am gaining confidence with the swirls quilting and I'm delighted! I am  seriously happy about that. Obviously I'm aware that it's less than perfect, but the overall effect is what I'm going for and I think it worked!

Working on my quilt.

Working on my quilt.

I probably do more rounds on the swirls than most people do.  I am working on making them less swirly - but this is just how I tend to do them.

IMG_8450 sm name.jpg
IMG_8443 sm name website.jpg

The thought of trying swirls no longer fills me with dread that I'm going to mess up my quilt.

I have a long way to go to improve, but the effect is nice and I'm pleased.

IMG_5850 sm name website.jpg

I'm thankful for all the You Tube tutorials that showed me how to do ti  - especially Angela Walters' carefree attitude.

She has a way with videos in showing us what to do and how to make it look nice without making us feel like it has to be "perfect" or we will ruin our quilts!


Like all of these upcycled ones - I'm trying to show the backs. I had to piece it with three different fabrics.

IMG_8359 sm.jpg

And of course, all are from second-hand items - usually duvet covers, but some are sheets.

IMG_8440 sm name website.jpg

I didn't crop the picture because it was so pretty!  The quilt itself doesn't look that special from a distance since the pieces are so small, but the setting and overall look is nice. I need to remember that in the dark days of fall/winter.

IMG_8356 sm name website.jpg

I did put the new picture on the pattern and it's in the free patterns section.

And now you know what I've been up to in my sewing room - or at least part of what I've been doing!

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