Strings update - "Please Be Seated" top finished

I missed working on the strings project last weekend due to the frantic nature of the work on "The Wedding Quilt". 

So here is what I got done this weekend:

I made all the rest of the blocks that I needed for that  strings top I'm calling "Please be Seated"!

They included:

IMG_5546smn adj color.jpg

30 of the alternative block like these - 

IMG_7980 sm adj color.jpg

and 15 strings blocks like this


from which I made 30 half square triangle blocks so that I could finish the top in a 12x13 layout.

The blocks finished at 8.5" - before being sewn into the quilt top.

IMG_8005 sm.jpg
IMG_8009 sm.jpg

Once I had those pieces done, I was able to relatively quickly put the top together . With no border it felt so simple!

IMG_8256 sm name website.jpg

Just a reminder - I started this project because I wasn't making any progress on using up my strings and crumbs --weird shaped scraps that I didn't want to or couldn't seem to cut up into strips--so, I decided to devote at least one good sewing session each weekend, if possible, to this project which I'm calling my strings/crumbs project.  You can go over to the page here to check the current status or pictures of what I'm doing at any time. 

I do try to keep things updated, but naturally I may update several things at once if I all of a sudden remember that I'm behind on pictures!

it's kind of nice to see progress. I wouldn't have made any of these except the first crumbs one if I hadn't started this weekend project, since I was choosing to work on other things instead.

I can't say that I'm setting any records with these, but I've made several things in the last 16 months or so since I started this. -  7 finished strings/crumbs quilts (besides the first one made in 2016 - this does include 4 (!) from the upcycled blues series) and 5 more tops waiting to be quilted made out of strings.or crumbs.

I hope you enjoy this one!  I find I really like it

IMG_8274 name website.jpg

And that's one of the things I've been doing in my sewing room lately!

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