Pumpkin update - a focused Garden Update

While I was consumed with the wedding quilt, my pumpkins were growing voraciously! 

I am so pleased! I can't walk easily among them these days as the vines are everywhere! But I just love seeing how many I have and watching them get bigger and bigger. Some of them start out orange, and some start out green. I do have some white ones as well. I've seen two in among the leaves. I can't walk over there easily and check out the rest!

2 with words.jpg

Here are some of my favorite pumpkin shots! It is so relaxing for me to walk among them and just see them. I could just sit among them for hours.  But I don't, obviously! I think other people would think I'm nuts!


I have several different types of pumpkins here -from some typical jack o lantern types, Big Max, some white ones and that one with the rough skin is different yet.  I guess we'll see when times come to harvest! None of them are super big - around 30 lbs is the biggest there is out there at this time.

Never fear - tomorrow I'm planning on starting to show you the girls' quilts - the ones I made  last week.

I'll start with the Blue Big Cats one -  I'm still in recovery mode and wasn't up to writing a pattern today (Thursday)!

Have a great day and enjoy seeing these pumpkins!  

I found a time lapse youtube video and wanted to show you - so here it is - just in case you've not seen pumpkins grow before. I think this is the coolest thing I've seen in a long, long time!

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