This top was finished a while ago now. The really pretty fabric that was the inspiration for this top came to me in small pieces. I had only a few inches wide but 12-14" long. I had to come up with a pattern that would show off the beautiful fabric to its best.

IMG_5716 sm name.jpg

I thought of this design, which of course, is a classic pattern and made it up. It is simple, quick and effective. the colors are beautiful.

This is very light gray, not white, in the background.

This is very light gray, not white, in the background.

I quilted it with an all over stippling - even while doing it wondering if I should have tried some more swirls.  And the answer is "yes", I should have. I think it would have elevated this fun, but simple quilt to extra nice. 

But I didn't. It's done now and that is wonderful. Count it off the"to do" list.

The pattern has been updated and is on the free patterns page.

IMG_5727sm name adj bright a little.jpg
IMG_5704 sm name.jpg

As usual, I like to post a quilt roll.  Here maybe you can see the beautiful colors of the main fabric. It's a very easy block. If you are in a hurry to make a quilt - which in the end will have a 'modern' feel to it, go with something like this pattern.


I also made this particular pattern up for my daughter in law, who is a Nebraska Huskers fan - here's hers in a different color scheme, and also quite a bit smaller.

IMG_9785 sm.jpg

And so you have it - a simple design! I hope someone can use it!

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