"Rachael's Garden"

I have needed to finish up some of my tops from the year 2016 as they've been weighing heavily on my mind!

Here's Rachael's Garden. It's a classic curved log cabin - you can do a google search and probably find hundreds of them.

IMG_3909 sm name.jpg

I didn't use a 2.5" strips pack or anything like that. I went to my newly furnished stash (I made this in 2016 - my sis and I bought a ladies' stash in 2015/2016) and I had plenty of beautiful florals.I still have lots and lots.

The pattern has been on the free patterns page but I did update the pictures in it.

IMG_3951 sm name cropped severely.jpg

Simple is the name of my game when it comes to quilting and so I kept it basic.

I decided that a flower design would be appropriate, so that is what I did.

Part of my procrastination about finishing these tops has been indecision about how to quilt them. I've switched to using my Janome 12000 for quilting and it is quilting like a dream - and it makes me eager to try more different designs. 

I think that I'm a particularly slow learner, though. I think people think if you do a whole quilt with these flower designs, by the time you get done, you'd have it "down". However, not with me. It takes me longer than most, I guess, to get good at these things. I never did feel like I got "good" at doing this one, in fact!

IMG_3951 sm name.jpg

I did not start with lights and go to dark when i make my log cabin blocks - They may be that way in general, but most of my blocks on the dark side were pretty similar in saturation. You can do that more easily if you are choosing fabrics from your stash than if you have are working with precuts.

IMG_3960 sm name.jpg
IMG_3948 sm name.jpg

I thought a distance shot would be nice - I have so many winter pictures that I'm glad I'm finishing some of these quilts when the grass is nice and green!

IMG_3865 sm name.jpg

There really isn't too much more to say about this except that its classic simplicity is sure to be a winner for people who love flowers and traditional quilts!

That's what's been happening in my part of the quilting world!