What's on my bucket list of quilts to make?

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I asked this question lately in the Facebook group - only I didn't ask specifically using the word "bucket list" - instead I asked what types of quilts people wanted to make that they hadn't made yet.

Many people want to make a New York Beauty quilt, grandmother's flower garden quilt and appliqued quilts. among other things.

So what's on my list?

First - 

I suppose number one is a Judy Niemeyer quilt! I've been completely smitten by them ever since I first set eyes on one of them!


Last fall a friend in Arizona gave me a paper pattern of one of her patterns.  I am starting to think about colors? She convinced me to take it by saying that she paid a very good price for it - it was on clearance.  I know those patterns are pricey and I felt uncomfortable taking such an expensive present from a new friend! But I took it! I've been thinking about it since then.

Let me show you the pattern I have.  From the beginning I wanted to make one of her Hosta ones - but i'll do this one as it was given to me! I mean, it's beautiful!

Second - 

Some jar quilts.  I know. They are super easy compared to that paper pieced one!  I'll probably do these first, since I've got some granddaughters now - and I have twin grandnephews One of my nieces had twin boys ?) as well!  I didn't even know that she was expecting twins until I saw my sister in law holding two little boys in a picture! (tiny babies) Both my husband and my husband's brother are grandpas to twins. I think that is neat. Ours are girls and theirs are boys!  What a perfect excuse to make some fun children's quilts!

Third - 

I'm slightly intrigued by a Lone Star quilt - and a very small 'niggle' is in the back of my mind - I'm starting to want to make one.

Fourth - 

I'd like to make a mariner's compass quilt - I think.

Other than that - I don't know. I have so many scraps to keep trying to use up - I have a little list of patterns to work on, but otherwise, I've not got a really long list of quilt patterns to make.

What about you? Is there one you'd like to make that may seem out of your reach at the moment -either because of time or cost, or expertise but you'd like to make one...some day?

Let me know in the comments!

And that's all for now!

Have a great day!

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