Fabric Families of QuiltedTwins.com - Part 2: #11 - #20

Previously on the Fabric Family Story…

“Seriously? You really have 100 DIFFERENT fabric families?”

Yes. We really do have 100 different fabric families. A fabric family is a series of the same print in a variety of colors. Some are as small as 7 or 8 different colors, while some have as many different colors are 34!

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However, I know many of you have just recently joined the QuiltedTwins site and haven’t had a chance to be introduced  to many of our beautiful families. I thought you’d enjoy getting to see them, and, if there’s a story behind the family and the name, I thought I’d share it with you.

*******Part 2 (of 10)

#11-20 OVERVIEW ___________________________________





#11.  Scribbles

I love, love, love this one as well. I wish it were available in 17 colors. Better yet, make that 25 or 34 colors! Having a 2 year old granddaughter, the idea of scribbling has taken on new meaning. So, this fabric is a perfect representation of what Joan-Joan does to just about everything, including her own face, when she gets ahold of one of our Sharpies that we use to mark the edge of the bolts!

#12. Soda Bubbles

Here’s another one that is far, far, far from the vegetation field. No flowers. No leaves. Not even a hint of a tree, bush, shrub or root in this one. Instead, it reminded us of those bubbles that float to the surface when you have a freshly poured beverage with carbonation! I love the variation of the different circles, from larger to smaller, lighter to darker.

#13. Swingin’ Paisley

This Paisley caught my eye first of all when I decided to add Paisleys to the line up. At first I was going to avoid them altogether, because I’m not a huge fan, but I loved this one. I thought this fun take on Paisleys would be a nice change to the Classic Paisley print that I grew up with. However, once I got it, I realized it was not just fun, it was also beautiful! So, come on, enjoy this Swingin’ Paisley as it moves all over the room! With the classic teardrop shape and the curved upper end, this dancing paisley covers all the classic bases with a fun twist.


#14. Happy Springtime.

Loving’ Spring! Maybe I should have just called this one Springtime! However these Happy Little Flowers just made me Happy! So, I dubbed it Happy Springtime! Who doesn’t love pretty flowers? It does not have to be Springtime to have flowers – Especially not in Florida, but it sure is a beautiful time of the year all over the place!

#15. Classic Paisley

This stately Paisley print is the one that I grew up with. It’s so old fashioned that it’s dubbed a classic now. You can’t go wrong with a Paisley print! I promise you! We have found that it’s so beautiful that we’ve made up half yard bundle packs with this fabric! You’ve grown to love it as much as we have!


#16. Storm Clouds

I was still on my quest to find that perfect blender fabric when I stumbled across this set of beautiful blender fabrics. I was hunting the “traditional basic blender” fabric, and came across this one. When I got it, I pulled up the dark blue one and thought, “storm clouds.” Then I pulled up the gray one and thought, “More storm clouds.” So, I had to call it storm clouds! Usually if you order the pack, you’ll get a dark blue or dark gray on the outside, as that’s what this reminds me of! But, it’s a beautiful pack and it’s been a classic best seller for us! I try to keep the half yard packs in stock at all times!

#17. Spinning Pinwheels.

This fabric is a new one to our lineup and we’re still getting used to having something so small, yet so much fun, in our inventory! The first time we cut this into packs, we sold out of the first set of packs in under 12 hours. It’s continued to be a small, but powerful pack, as the design is small, but creates a great deal of interest in your quilts.

#18. Large Chevron on White

I’ll never forget the first time I became aware that the zigzag that had been dubbed a “chevron” was actually “in.” I had no idea that it was ever “out” or “in,” as I grew up with the tiny version of this design and we called it Rickrack! This large version of the smaller rickrack adorned the bottom of all of our dresses where Mom had to let down the hems, because the dresses got too short on us. I guess we never grew out – just up, back then! Anyway, these large white chevrons are a classic must have for your quilts if you want some large geometric designs in your projects!

#19. Large White Quatrefoil

I was thrilled to find that a specific name covered this very cool design, which is found largely in Christian symbolism. Of course, it’s not a “Christian” symbol, but the design is found a lot in art, architecture and in a lot of traditional Christian heritage sites throughout the world. When we’ve traveled in Greece, Italy and Israel, we’ve seen these symbols. I didn’t even realize that there was a specific name for this design until Becky’s daughter told me the name! Boy did my life get easier in fabric description at that point! This large white quatrefoil sits on a beautifully bright solid color that just glows with the white quatrefoil on it.

#20.  Damask Wannabe

Under no circumstances did we want you to think that this 100% cotton PRINTED fabric was a beautifully woven Damask, even though the design was that of a classic Damask woven print. So, I called it wannabe, after “want to be” (get it?) Anyway, this Wannabe print is beautiful and classic. This design will add a touch of serious class to your project. However, I’d probably not add this to a “fun” project for kids. This looks more like a beautiful classic print that would work well with a classic pattern!



This has been Part 2 of the Quilted Twins Fabric Families. When we’re done, we’ll put these posts all on one page, so you can read about the explanations and why we got each family later on.

In the meantime, enjoy these beauties and order away! I can get more of them!

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