Strings/crumbs update

This week I got a bit of a second wind with this blues project. I am seeing the end - surely and truly.


I worked exclusively on the one I'm calling A Hot Mess. I just made some more 6.5" strips of blocks - what I mean is that I just sewed pieces together until I had something that was over 6.5" wide and as long as I could. Then I trimmed it to 6.5" wide. I sewed those pieces together to make a long length  of fabric I did that with a 9.5" width as well. So my A Hot Mess has grown as of last count to a respectable 60" x 74" in. I'm happy about that. now it is truly a lap quilt size.  Of course, it it taking longer to make those crumb blocks that I can add to the edges  as the edges are getting longer! But I'm happy about it. 

With what I've been doing, I really only have a few of these tops left until I can put the whole blues project behind me - as far as creating tops anyway. I haven't finished the one I named Hawaiian Dreams - actually I haven't started it yet though the fabrics are all put to one side - and my Pockets one - is under construction. I was feeling a little too stretched out to focus on all those at once so I hid them thm until I finish the last two big tops out of small pieces.

Anyway...A Hot Mess is now here.

IMG_3648 sm 60x74.jpg

I spent a lot of time on it! I really want to get it done. I'm not bored with it, but I'm not making the kind of progress I want to on these when I try to make several at a time each weekend.

If you have been following this string/crumbs project you realize I started it because I wasn't using up my strings/crumbs like I had hoped to - wanted to. So, I started a year ago making a mindful attempt to work on this type of project at least a little bit each weekend.  Usually I make kind of small progress for a while and then I get to the point where I spend a lot of time on it and finish up the top. Even though I'm technically not even  half done with this one yet, once I get over half way done - I will begin to work on it harder. Let me see. if it is 60x74 and I want it 96x100 - I have 4440 square inches finished, but I need 9600 square inches I am 46% done. That is actually very encouraging as I get close to the 50% mark. That makes me want to work on it even more.

I spent a lot of time this weekend cleaning up my sewing room. It had gotten disastrous and a lot of my blues leftover pieces were strewn all over the room - as I finished one thing, I'd just put the leftovers here and there. I knew I needed to spend a lot of time just organizing and finding things again and putting everything together again. So I spent time on Friday and Saturday doing that. Quite a bit of time! 

I don't think it is picture worthy yet - though, so no pics at this time - but if I could figure out a "neat" way to store my thread, then maybe soon.

And that's what I've been doing lately with regards to quilting!

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