"Scrappy Sawtooth Stars"

I decided to try to finish up some of tops that I've got lying around - in spite of the summer heat as I've been collecting tops too fast. I have over 45 tops that need quilting - so you will see some from time to time!  I'm seriously behind! My idea of trying to quilt in the mornings has helped - though I do feel a tiny bit distracted as I don't really like "stopping quilting" once I've started.

This is from my 2" scraps/strips series and I called it Scrappy Sawtooth Stars. The pattern has been updated with new pictures.

IMG_3552 sm  name.jpg

The stars are filled with scraps -- all started out to be 2" strips and squares. Obviously the star points weren't, but I grabbed those pieces of fabric from my bags of things that are in the "to be cut up" pile. 

IMG_3501 sm name.jpg

I know it's a traditional pattern, but I tried to make it 'feel' different with the sashing effect. I hope you like it! 

The blocks end up being 12.5" as unfinished blocks - so the top goes together reasonably quickly.  I like blocks that size. I also like smaller blocks, though. I guess I am pretty eclectic! I even like really big blocks as they give a totally different feel to a quilt!

I made the top originally last July and I talked about it here. It feels like it's been folded up on my shelf for quite a while, but I can see it's only been a year. I have some much older than this one!

IMG_3492 sm name.jpg

The pattern is on the free patterns page. 

You can just go there and look down the page and find it. 


I'm making you look for it. That way you find the other patterns that are there as well!

IMG_4029 sm name.jpg

I quilted this with an overall loops design. It seems to be my default pattern - as it is much easier for me than a stipple - and it ends up quilting closely and I like that. If I remember right, this is wool batting - I had bought 3 - 9/yard bolts of it for something like $20/each on Amazon last year. I thought it was a terrific price and haven't seen it that price since.


While I can't say I totally enjoy quilting when it is warm, it has been something else again the last few days. We have been having very high humidity. As of this writing, we have 83% humidity and a thunderstorm is threatening.

So I will do what I can, when I can.  I would like to whittle my outstanding non charity tops down to 20 or so.  On the other hand, I want to start gathering charity tops en masse - and would like to collect 120 of those once again! I have a start on them but want to focus a couple of days a week throughout the rest of the summer on making tops - or adding to centers that I already have. I have a stack of panels that I can use as well - to create fun tops from.

Anyway...back to Scrappy Sawtooth Stars....

IMG_4045 sm name.jpg

We had been having a very dry summer, but the switch is flipped and we now are having rainy weather. The grass is nice and green as a result - and pretty!

IMG_3533 sm name.jpg

Be sure to check out what my sis has for you over in the store! She's been working hard to get you lots of fabrics for you to choose from. She really wants to help you be able to afford to quilt!