Quilted Twins Fabrics Set the Stage for a Local Celebrity.

We had a big shindig this past weekend and our Quilted Twins fabrics played a minor role in it.

I went to take pictures and see how our beautiful and fun fabrics helped to brighten the occasion.

Sylvia Young, county commissioner in this part of the world (Pasco County, FL) for over 20 years, is turning 80 years old this week. Her daughter and son decided to throw her a grand surprise party!

For the past 3 months Mary (Mud) has been coming into our store to pick out fabrics that she could use all over the whole shindig. So, of course, Peter and I had to venture out there on Saturday, June 9, to see our fabrics in action!

Not every fabric needs to bring beauty and fun as a quilt! We enjoyed seeing our fabrics as chandeliers, decorations, tablecloths, centerpieces and of course, pretty add-ons. I thought you might enjoy seeing them, too.

We just loved how she made a chandelier for the center of the outdoor tent with our beautiful fabrics. The theme of Shabby Chic was carried out well. Her chandelier was fancy for this outdoor shindig. Stuffed up in side the chandelier were some plastic bags from the bolts! So, this was a Quilted Twins -WIN-WIN!

Then, we progressed around the barbecue and found the tablecloths. These were the variegated branches fabrics.

Then, i found some of the Country Flock pack fabrics lining her plastic ware tray. I love that fabric!


This one cracked me up a lot! In the midst of the bean dip, tortilla chips and sausages, we found the fabrics that scream "upscale." I just laughed and laughed! If you look right under the plastic ware you'll see the fabric that has the sterling silver silverware on it! It's a part of our Country Flock pack!



Then, we found another batch of our fabrics under the main hot food serving trays!

Perhaps the most FUN thing was that they decorated the edge of the tent with our scraps. I mean, our teeny, tiny scraps that no one could possibly sew, as many were as small as 1/4". Click on the pictures here to see more of the scraps hanging from the tent.

So, though we had no quilts out here, we had our fabrics well represented! And Mud is now glad that her party is over with and she can wash her used fabrics and make a quilt from them!

This party was redneck meets culture! She did a great job with it and our fabrics played a LARGE role in setting the tone!

I was happy we could be a part of it.


--Rachael (with Peter)