Strings/crumbs update

plan strings 4 without lines.jpg

I was determined to get a lot of strings blocks made up so I could see some big time progress on this next strings quilt. In fact, my goal was to get this top finished this weekend.

My ambitions were too ambitious. I started to feel stressed. Frustrated. Tired.

Then I decided to just "stop".

So I did.

Brakes on. No more. Not this weekend. I think I made over 30 of these blocks - several hours' worth.

I had visions of trimming last night and sewing today.

Nah. Not going there. I want to take today off. Completely.

It's Mother's Day.  No, I don't have a problem sewing on Sunday. I thoroughly enjoy sewing. BUT this week, since my husband has been gone, I have delved into this sewing/blogging whole hog.

So, I'm taking a break today. No more "have to's". Not today. My "have to's" are completely self imposed. At least the ones with regards to sewing. 


But  I also planned my NEXT string quilt.  I'm not telling yet, though.  Not yet.  I have to finish this one (I've not forgotten about writing up that pattern for my second strings top - will start that soon - and probably work on it little by little til I finish it for those who requested it).

tired woman.jpg

My fatigue with making string blocks is the biggest reason why I decided to make this project ONLY a weekend project and not an entire week project - but to only work on it on the weekends as I have time and energy - I grow weary of both crumbs and strings pretty quickly.

However last year I decided that if I am going to keep these large bags of things, I need to use them - or else give it up and burn them as kindling - because they do no one any good at all just sitting around taking up space.

Here's one of my bags of crumbs and strings I've been saving. I have at least one more big one like this, if not two.. I've started digging into it for my strings for this current one - and will need it for the next one.

bag of strings, crumbs.jpg
strip blocks I made.jpg

And here are my made blocks. There's quite a pile of them.  Untrimmed. 

Yes, they look pretty messy. They'll look fine once I finish, though.

But you'll have to wait til next weekend, hopefully! 


And sadly...I didn't even work on the Woven Star blocks. They'll wait for me. I mentioned I'm taking a break, didn't I? Yes I am. I really am! 

And that's all for now from my part of Poland!

Have a great day, wherever you are reading this!

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