"Premium Labels"

This quilt was originally meant as a satirical work - showing where all shirts eventually end up - expensive brands right along side "fast fashion" brands. 


They all are thrown away eventually and some even end up side by side in a quilt such as this one. I find it interesting that a Ralph Lauren and a Marks and Spencer shirt are all sold for the same price once they become used clothing in these "last resort" type of stores.

I decided to attempt to use the labels commonly found on the back yoke of men's shirts. I also cut out some of the ones found on ladies' shirts/blouses as well, but they are sometimes harder to use due to the placement of them.

Premium Label Full Quilt Pattern

I debated how to quilt it - knowing that it couldn't be anything 'regular' since each block was different.

In the end, the effort is more or less "texture" and not really a nice, symmetrical design.

Close up of Premium Label Quilt Pattern One
Close up of Premium Label Quilt Pattern Two
Close up of Premium Label Quilt Pattern Three
Close up of Premium Label Quilt Pattern Four
Close up of Premium Label Quilt Pattern Five

As I mentioned when I featured the top by itself - labels on the back of yokes are different sizes as well as yokes themselves- depending on the size of the shirt and the style.  The "pattern" is a "how to" rather than an actual pattern giving sizes and specific numbers.

If I started with a light fabric behind the label, the next round was darker and the final round was lighter again.  And vice versa.

I also alternated the direction of the cuts so that I had half of the blocks "leaning" one way and half leaning the other way.

When I laid them out, however, I mixed them up randomly - they are not "every other one", when it came to leaning. They are "every other one" when it came to color layout - meaning I placed light/dark/light/dark  - using the outer color as the one I looked at when deciding this. 

Premium Label Quilt Pattern In Woods
Premium Label Quilt Hanging In Woods

I watched a few you tube videos on FMQ and tried to get inspired to do some simple quilting and went for it. 

From a distance you can see the texture. Up close there are all kinds of "problems" with the quilting. But I'm not telling!

The dreams I had for it just didn't work out - but it did make for texture - and it will certainly hold the quilt together. So, for that, I'm happy enough! 

Premium label quilt pattern sitting on the sewing machine
Premium label quilt back

And the backing. Of course it is all upcycled fabrics.

Overall,  yes, I think I succeeded in making a satirical quilt using a variety of different brands - some more elite than others and yet they all ended up in the same place - on my quilt!




The quilt roll...................

Premium Labels Quilt Rolled Up

I updated the pattern with pictures of the finished quilt. It can be found here.



I trust you have a great day - wherever and whenever this finds you reading!

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