A beautiful seam ripper!

When my daughter arrived in December, she brought, among other things, an envelope with some smallish bubble wrap and a short note. 

I opened the bubble wrap and found this beautiful thing!

IMG_9257 am.jpg

What is it?

It's a seam ripper - with an awl type thing on the other end.  But isn't it beautiful?

IMG_9247 sm.jpg
IMG_9250 sm.jpg

I like it also because it will be really nice to hold. My other seam rippers are so tiny that they slip easily out of my hand.

The note told me thank you for all I do with charity quilts and the free patterns, etc. 

I certainly wasn't expecting this, but I do appreciate it, Sue Law. Ir'a definitely a "pick-me-upper".

Not only is it pretty, but you took the time to send it to Rachael who sent it to me!

I've had it on my desk, just admiring it for three weeks by now - but now I'm going to take it in my sewing room and start using it!


I am currently at 10 quilted out of 57 sandwiched charity quilts. I'll try to keep posting when there is progress there.


Be sure to check out what my sis has for you over in the store!  She's got lots of really fun fabrics!


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