2018 Quilting Goals

My quilting goals for 2018

I realized that I've not actually talked about this very much this year. I think because my kids were home when January 1 rolled around, I didn't take the time to put in writing. 

So what are my goals?

I've been thinking about them.  

Here's what I hope to do.

1. Cut up scraps every month until I get caught up again - will keep track. Ideally would be 15 min. a day average. I have 2 big bags - I'd love to be caught up by May and I think I can get caught up earlier if I get busy.

2. Finish up an average of 10 charity quilts a month - total of 120 in the year. If I were to get a really good start on them this year and finish up 120  by the end of June,  I could then go back and finish the 50 I failed to finish in 2017 later in 2018-- that would be fantastic. But it will somewhat depend on if we go to the states in 2018 or not. I can only do so much and if we travel, I can't. There's just not enough hours in the day.  I couldn't get all mine done in 2018 due esp. to our vehicle problems and my husband's broken leg.  The combination, plus being in the states for a couple of months made my goal unrealistic.  I wouldn't have gotten the 70 done that I got done in 2017 had it not been for so much help from several of you!

3. Quilt my 2" currently unfinished quilts tops and finish the patterns for all of them from the first three years. I have a total of 12 un-quilted tops from that 2" project. 

4. Make 21 more tops featuring 2" strips as a major player. This would bring my end total by the end of 2018 to 84 - since I'm at 63 right now. I started the project in 2015 and finished 21 that year and then in 2016, I managed another 21. Last year I stopped at 21.  If I happen to run out of 2" strips, then I will allow myself to begin to think about a different width. LOLOL. This seems rather unlikely. I do have a couple more big bags to go through of scraps and as I finish up the charity quilts, I'll have lots of trimmings from the backings to cut up.

5. Make the top and finish it for my niece and her husband.

6. Finish a top for my friends here in Poland - just need to quilt it.

7. Continue my crumbs/strips project every weekend with at least one good (2 hours) sewing session if at all possible. As part of this project, alternate between crumbs and strings and try to make at least one Woven Stars paper pieced quilt block each weekend. Ideally would be 2 or more, but I'll be happy with 1 until I get fast at it.

8. In 2018, I want to try a quilt with some 60 degree stars or tumbling blocks and I want to try at least 5 more new techniques that I've not done before for a total of 6 new ones in 2018.  Things like a lone star or a fully paper pieced quilt qualify as new techniques for me. So would using some of my Sizzix dies for quilt blocks.

9. Continue to provide good content here. This is a very ambiguous goal and not a very good one, actually.  Goals are supposed to be concrete and measurable.

And that's all!

Simple?  I guess we'll see!

These are all just goals. They aren't commands or Scripture!  There is no right/wrong when it comes to these. These are just something for me to reach towards. 

I have already decided I will not feel like a failure if I fail to reach these goals. I just find I work harder and with more focus with goals in mind!

So, I'm off to sew some more!!

And I didn't even put any pictures in this post!  Amazing!

Have a wonderful day wherever this finds you reading!

And be sure to check out the store if you need something for your own quilting needs!






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