Crumbs/strings project update

I devoted some time to this project this weekend, but making headway on my house decluttering project, charity quilts and normal household duties.

But with regards to this particular project, here's what I did:


1. Made some more crumb "fabric" from which I cut out blocks.


2. Decided on a plan.  Here's where I'm heading with this newest crumb quilt (This actually took quite a bit of time.) I hope I can do this with the supplies of gray and royal blue that I have (second hand items).

This center star is 24" square.

This center star is 24" square.


3. I made the big center star.

IMG_9401 sm.jpg

4. I made 1 small star as an example and to check out the method for the rest.


And not part of this project, but for a different very small scraps project - I made 2 more paper pieced blocks that eventually will be a scrappy quilt with pieces pulled from my uncut scraps which are slated to be trimmed down to strips.

After a couple of years, I may have enough to actually make a top! Seriously - it takes 4 of these to make a 12" block. I now have 3 made. :)


And don't forget to check out what my sis has for you over in the store!

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