What do I do when I sew or quilt?

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(Obviously I can do these things because my kids are all gone. If they were home, I'd have to keep an ear out for them. However, we are empty-nesters now.)

Actually I do a number of things as I work. Among them 

1. Listen to audio books

I have a library card based in the US and because of that I can "check out" books from our library in FL and listen to them. I have an app called "Libby" on my phone which makes this easy.  I also have the app called Bible.is and listen to the Bible  - which, of course, is a book.  Sometimes I just listen and listen  - esp. the Old Testament stories. It wasn't difficult at all to listen to the whole Bible last year - and I'm actually making a list of "Bible inspired" quilts I'd like to make - things like Ezekiel's wheel, Valley of Dry Bones, Tabernacle colors, etc.

Listening to books is what I actually do the most.

2. Watch sports on the internet

I have Eurosport Player and can watch things going on there -  and when baseball season is on, I can watch US baseball because we subscribed to www.mlb.com last year - which I loved.  

While I can watch soccer (called football over here in Europe) it isn't my favorite sport at all - I hate the fake falling and people acting like they have been fouled when they haven't - they are just trying to get a free kick.  If there is a big competition going on, I might watch a game or two here or there, but I'm really not into it that much. For Christmas my husband gave me a larger monitor which we use chrome cast to project, so I can see the baseball and snow sports on Eurosport player better..

3. Watch tv shows

I've done this a little. I have Amazon Prime and can watch things from there. I find that it is a bit distracting, though, and do notice that I am a bit less productive when a show is happening. (With sports, they tend to replay the important things.) I tend to do this in the evening if I am sewing and a little more tired - and less when I'm actually quilting.

4. Watch youtube channels

I'm learning to subscribe to things that interest me - and I've subscribed to a variety of quilting, home and garden shows and other interesting-to-me things so that I can find them easily. I haven't actually watched a bunch of things while sewing, though, as many youtube shows are short and I have to keep starting and stopping and finding another thing to watch. That definitely affects productivity. It isn't long before I just shut it off.

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5. Think/pray/look out the window at nature

6. Nothing extra - just focus on my project

Sometimes the piecing is pretty complex and I really do need to just focus on it completely. At that point, I don't try to do anything else except that.  Also, when I try to quilt something new - then it becomes pretty much "what I do" - nothing else.  

What about you?  Is there something you really like to do or not do while sewing/quilting?

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