Crumbs project update


I have been focusing my crumbs project the last few weeks on using up blue crumbs pieces as part of that upcycled blues project I started in mid November in my desire to whittle my upcycled blues to 2 boxes, down from 6. The whole project has evolved into quite a bit more than I originally envisioned - partly because I found some more blues after I started the project and partly because I really had that many blues!

So, this is actually top number 16 in my series of upcycled blues project. This is my second blues crumbs from among those tops.  I have 17 so far in that series. It appears like I will have 1 more, possibly two more and I will actually be "done" for now!  

I realized as I was working on this one, that I had made my pattern incorrectly. In the program, I had the stars finishing at 9", but they don't - they are finishing at 6". I had to revamp it a bit. I am going to run out of gray, so I will keep this a fluid plan - changing it as needed until I get finished.  I may have to do something else for the last couple of borders.

The border that looks like striped fabric will be using adding machine tape with pieces sewn on.

The border that looks like striped fabric will be using adding machine tape with pieces sewn on.

My progress this weekend

step 1.jpg

1. Added a royal blue 2" border to the center star and another gray 2" border. This gray isn't particularly easy to work with - it is a used duvet cover and quite "soft" I may actually starch the smaller border I need (when I need the 1.5" inch border later.)


2. Finished up the last 8 stars that I needed for this inner round and put them on. how fast I wrote that - it actually took quite a while to make those 8 stars! 

Thankfully I already had the crumb parts that I used to make the star points and star centers.

IMG_0223sm with name.jpg

2. Cut my 9" gray squares that I need for the outer 8.5" HST blocks.  I still need to make the crumbly part. That will take quite a while to make 16 9" crumbly blocks.

I wanted to cut these early in the process so I can see how much gray I will have left and thus be able to plan my outer borders accordingly.


4. Added 90" of crumbs to the tape to be used later in this project - between the royal blue borders


5. Made three more paper pieced colorful blocks as part of the woven star project - using crumbs and pieces from my scraps that haven't been cut up yet.


And that's all. I folded it all back up and put it back in a plastic bag and put it away for the week. I did it with both - the woven star blocks and the gray star crumb top in progress.

I may try this week when I'm not in the mood to do anything specific to make up 18 9" crumb blocks to make the HST blocks. But if I don't, I will attempt to at least make a few of those next weekend.

And that's what I've been up to with this project this weekend!

These crumbs seem like I'm never going to get them used up - I know I will if I keep tackling them.

Be sure to check out the goodies my sis has over in the store!  I'm sure there is something just beautiful you can't live without! LOL. Spoken tongue in cheek, of course.  But just maybe tehre is something you can use in an upcoming project!

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