2018 Charity Quilt Show - Quilts 21-30

Here they are.  My goal this year is to finish 120 charity quilts - I had almost all 120 tops ready to go - some were donated by friends from the cyber world, some were done by a lady in AZ, my sis and I added some borders to a lot of panels when she was here last August and I made up a couple of them all by myself. :)  Anyway, these are technically "March's" charity quilts, though I am pushing the goal to try to finish all 120 early in the year. Then I will work the rest of the year on acquiring (donations, anyone?) or making more tops to be finished when it turns cold again.  

Anyway...here are the next ten.  I've been working diligently on all of these since early January.

Numbers 21-30

IMG_0834 sm.jpg

And here they are  - so you can see them individually.

I took pics of these on Saturday so I could take them with me to the church on Sunday morning since I was going anyway.

IMG_0918 sm.jpg

I'll here's what it looks like up in the storage area where I'm keeping them until we give them away. This is after I added those that are in the back of the minivan.


This is the current status as of Saturday evening at about 7:30 pm. Total finished.



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