"Simple Chains" finished

All done. This is number 14 in my upcycled blues series. I was able to get it quilted and photographed.

IMG_2764 sm name.jpg
I believe they were both duvet covers.

I believe they were both duvet covers.

I'm trying to let you see the backs while I'm at it...and here it is. I did have to piece it, obviously.


I did some loops quilting - it is easy and I knew that I liked this particular quilt. I like all the chain quilts - Irish Chain, single, double, triple and their variants. 

IMG_2584 sm.jpg

It was hard to get some really fantastic pictures of this as I really wanted the overall look and not so many closeups.

I was pushing the "lights" here with the plaids that I used but I decided to "let it go" and use them - and hope that the navy and dark blue chains overrode the "mediums" I used as background.

I think it worked.

IMG_2828 sm name.jpg

I remain grateful for the line my son, Daniel, helped me string up to hold my quilts on for outside pictures. The light is ever so much better than my indoor light AND the grass and various seasons make for an ever changing backdrop.

IMG_2848 sm name.jpg

I have updated the pattern with a new picture. It is where it has been - in the free patterns section!  Maybe someone can use it!

IMG_3344 sm name.jpg

And of course, who can resist a quilt roll!?  


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