"Ela's Garden" finished

If only gardening were this quick and easy, we'd all have gorgeous ones.

Ha Ha.

I managed to focus on this one and get it all finished up a little while ago. I washed it and let it dry. it's now ready to go to its new home.

IMG_3110 main picture name sm.jpg
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Ela has been struggling with illness for over a month now. This is a fast-to- make quilt - I didn't want to give it to her 2 or 3 months from  now - i wanted to get it to her THIS week. 

So...I knew it had to minimal piecing with maximum impact.  I also know that she loves working outside in her flowers.

She also sews.  I mentioned this before when I wrote about the top. I like giving quilts to people who sew - I think they actually appreciate them more than someone who doesn't!

IMG_3089 sm.jpg

I decided to tackle quilting this top right away.

I started with making cobblestones by quilting. This took quite a long time and a lot of thread! It may have taken longer to quilt the cobblestones than to piece the entire top.


I covered all the gray strips with these cobblestones to represent a stone walkway. This type of walkway is very common here in Poland - esp. in older areas such as those around castles and town centers.

I used a Polish folk print for the backing.

I used a Polish folk print for the backing.

I asked in my Facebook group about ideas about how to quilt dragonflies. I put 3 or 4 in each floral area - but they aren't that great - the problem was me - but in truth, you can't see them very well - which is also okay. :)  The worse ones just look sort of a like a flower.

IMG_3000 sm.jpg
IMG_3090 sm.jpg

At the very end, I sewed on some felt ladybugs that I found at my local wholesale outlet. They are made of felt and should hold up well.


Here's a picture of the center - a little closer up so you can see the flowers.

IMG_3102 sm name.jpg

And the quilt roll!  I can't resist!

IMG_3016 sm name.jpg
IMG_3011 sm.jpg

The day was nice for taking pictures - at least when it wasn't raining or hailing.  March can be like that here in Poland!

IMG_3057 smaller name.jpg

I did update the pattern with new pictures. It's here if you want it.

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