"Granny's Checkerboard"

I was able to finish this one recently! This was the fifth top I made in my upcycled blues series. I have a soft spot in my heart for granny squares since I learned to crochet when I was in sixth grade and had fun making granny squares out of yarn! Obviously that was years and years before I even thought about quilting! 

If you think your eyes are doing something funny with the various navies in this quilt, they aren't. They aren't all the same. Remember, this is made from upcycled materials- and as such, I used various navy fabrics in it..

IMG_4494 sm name best I think.jpg
IMG_3475 sm name.jpg

I quilted this with an all over design of hearts - a couple different styles

They really show up on the navy, but I decided to have them do that rather than use navy and have the navy thread show up all over all the white. 

I can't decide whether I like it or not - of course that is irrelevant at this stage of the quilting process.

I'm trying to like it, though, I am. I remember Leah Day's admonition to quilt in a color you can see!  :)  But she's Leah, and I'm not.  But from a distance it is not all all that visible.

IMG_4658 cropped name sm.jpg

Here are some pictures of the quilting.  I'm beginning to get more comfortable doing different things with this thing called "quilting". I make no bones about the fact that I actually prefer the piecing. The quilting is beginning to grow on me, however.  It is decidedly easier, though, with a smaller quilt. These 100"x100" quilts are a chance to practice stick-to-it-ness.

IMG_3457 sm name.jpg
IMG_4632sm name.jpg

And overall, I really like the quilt. While I may not be all that taken with the hearts as visible on the navy as they are, the design line is so strong that it shines no matter how I quilted it! I will remember Angela Walter's admonition that a "An imperfectly finished quilt is better than a perfectly unfinished top." I will also ignore blog posts by professional quilters who write scary things like "How to ruin your quilt top with quilting", etc.  I prefer Angela's, "It's better done and will be great" upbeat philosophy and encouragement!

Here's another close up of the center of the quilt.

The basic granny square block.  I like how I can go from light to dark, alternate light and dark, use all lights, all darks, etc. 

The basic granny square block.

I like how I can go from light to dark, alternate light and dark, use all lights, all darks, etc. 

IMG_3964 sm name.jpg

And of course the quilt roll. As always, I think they are great.


The day I was taking these pictures the sun kept coming in and out from behind the clouds. It was a bit on the chilly side, but beautiful, nonetheless!

IMG_4549 sm name cropped .jpg

I did update the pattern with a new picture. That's all I changed, though. But if you haven't gotten yours, hop on over and get it now!!

I almost forgot the backing!  Here it is.

Of course, it is all upcycled fabrics! All of it.


I trust wherever you are reading finds you having a great day.

And that's all from this part of the world from me for now!

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