Crumbs/strings update

Over the weekend I did spend some time working on my crumbs quilt top - Shadowed Crumbs.

Here's what it looks like now. I'm really going to like this one! 

I like it already!  I want to spend some extra time working on crumbs blocks - as I can't really continue without the base crumbs blocks - 

Shadowed Crumbs  - in progress

Shadowed Crumbs  - in progress

Shadowed Crumbs plan

Shadowed Crumbs plan

This is the layout  I'm using. I've made shadowed quilts before but I've not really made one with the shadow this big proportionately.

I'm using 5" crumbs blocks and 2" shadows. 

It certainly makes it feel like they are jumping off the fabric!


So what did I do on this project?

First of all, I put together all the blocks I had already made into 2 long rows and I sewed those together.

Shadowed Crumbs Quilt Blocks 

Then I made 15 more crumb blocks

Woven Stars Quilt Blocks

I also made 4  of the paper pieced Woven Stars blocks. Paper piecing is tedious for me - pretty much the total opposite of those crumb blocks -  At this point, I'm not trying to do more than 4 of these week as this is a very long term project.

Since it takes 4 to make a 12" block, I have the equivalent of a 4 blocks across and 2 blocks down quilt top.  IOW, pretty small. That'd be only 48"x24". I don't think the designers of this type of thing actually think anyone is going to make a large quilt!

I now have a total of 32 6.5" blocks made.

I now have a total of 32 6.5" blocks made.

Fabric In The Bag

This is my bag of scrap pieces with which I am making crumbs blocks.

I can also search among them for things large enough to make into 1.5" strips - for a different top I'm working on. It's still a pretty big bag of scraps.


And that's it for my weekend report of what I did with crumbs/strings!  I trust you are having a great day - wherever this finds you reading!

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