A visit to Tech Confex, part 2

I'm continuing the review of our trip to the Tech Expo in Lodz, Poland last Friday.

I wanted to show you the video I made of this big quilting machine. I wish  you could see this on a computer screen just to see how big the foot is - 

My husband and I talked - how easy this would be to put on this frame and set it up and push "go" and watch it do it.  Even easier than the typical long arm.

I'm just sad that they didn't use dark thread for demo purposes.

My husband hadn't seen many long arms before, but he found this one. This was the only one at the expo!  I was delighted to find it!  It was set up on a 5 foot frame. It's a Juki.TL-2200QVP.


Sadly, when I there, there was no one working that area. A man came over to talk to us but he didn't know much.  I did ask him how much it was. He said it was about $10,000 for the machine and frame. If we added the computerization to it, it would add another $5,000.

We were able to play with it a tiny bit since there was no one around. It was a bit humorous what fabric they put on the frame, though. They had a knit - which isn't typically what quilters use. It wasn't cotton, I don't believe - it was a polyester knit of some kind, I believe.  But the machine worked...and that was important. Not many people had used it. Not really. Not considering we were there on day three.  Certainly when we were there no one was around it checking it out.


Here's the batting. It was a polyester, but a more slippery type than I use.


Here's a close up of the machine itself.


My husband was fascinated by the frame - how everything moved - this way and that.


We walked to a different area after waiting to no avail for someone who knew something - and my husband pointed out the knife sharpening tool.


I was stopped by the pretty measuring tapes.


Binding attachments. They were everywhere! Well, that's an exaggeration - but this one helps you put a piping strip and then bind all in one step.  Very clever! I liked it!


Then we saw some cool cutting tools. 

Electric rotary cutters.  Have you ever used one of these? 

They were roughly $300-$400 each.

This one looked heavy!

This one looked heavy!

The lady we talked to said this one was more expensive than the blue one.

The lady we talked to said this one was more expensive than the blue one.

As we walked near the Coats area (as in Coats thread), they had this wonderful embroidery of the Polish eagle.  I love it!


And a close up of only the center.

This is the Polish national emblem. It is the "white eagle".

This is the Polish national emblem. It is the "white eagle".

All they had really were some spools of thread in a display case. I have bought one of those 30,000 meters of white thread at my local wholesale place for about $10.  I think it's a great price!  (poly)


While I saw some Organ needles on display, these boxes of Schmetz needles were quite impressive. I don't think they were empty either.


Embroidery machines were busy -  several companies were there.


A little closer up.


Then we walked back around and saw some things we had seen earlier. 

We had seen this one before - the design was developing from  when we had seen it before. (shown below this picture)

This is what we had seen earlier in the day - a couple hours before.

This is what we had seen earlier in the day - a couple hours before.

My husband and I finally decided we could leave as we had seen what we wanted to see. Tim and Claire were checking out the city - we all went together - my son and DIL and husband and I.

On the way back to our vehicle, we walked past the Janome van!  That's the company where I do a lot of shopping! They did not have a display that I saw at the expo, sadly.


And that's what we saw!  I talked with several people and my husband actually talked with a knowledgeable person about the Juki long arm when I wasn't around. I must have been talking with someone else and she wasn't available to talk again when I was available.

It was a fascinating display. I am glad we went. I am sad that there wasn't a little more applicable to what I was interested in, but I went with the knowledge that it was for the textile industry in general and not quilting or patchwork specifically!  I had hoped to see the Juki long arm that I'd heard is in Poland - and I got to see it! I even took a few stitches with it! (No one was around to tell us we couldn't and it looked like it was set up for people to try!).

And that's what is happening in my part of the world!

Have a fantastic day, wherever you are reading this!

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