Crumbs/strings update

photo taken June, 2017

photo taken June, 2017

I started forcing myself to work on strings or crumbs on the weekends for at least one good sewing session - because I found I had a couple of large bags of these things and if I wasn't going to use them, I needed to let them go for kindling. There was no point in continuing to keep them - they were just taking up space.

However, I wasn't really thrilled with most string quilts, or crumb quilts, for that matter. I decided to try them - maybe if I actually did something with them, I'd feel differently. And naturally, that is exactly what happened.  I can't say I "prefer" working with strings or crumbs, but I don't find it's just slow.

I have finished several tops/quilts in this series so far - 

Here they are. I've kind of "cheated" and thrown Crumb Pizzazz in with these - even though it was my first Crumbs quilt and finished in 2016 - and the only one I had actually done before I started this focus. 

I thought even if I made only a little progress each weekend - as certainly if "life happened" and I didn't have time to do any sewing, that was okay as well - it'd be more than I was making before I made the goal.  And certainly it has.

The last three here are part of the upcycled blues series, but they are crumb quilts, so I put them here. 


I worked some last weekend on my crumbs and strings, but little more than my own minimum goal of one "good" session.

I made 4 strings blocks - but didn't trim them down.  I am using a fabric backing - this fabric was rather thin and will soon run out of the ones I've cut - now I'll go looking for some more not very nice fabric to sew on.  I have some, but it's thick and that would make these blocks incredibly heavy! These blocks are easily close to 12" x 12" at this point - and very wonky.

IMG_5122 sm.jpg

I'm currently working on this top with those string blocks. 

plan strings 4 without lines.jpg

This is where I'm heading!  


I also made 4 more Woven stars paper pieced blocks.  I now have a total of 40.  I'm really going to try to go for making 4 every weekend if at all possible  I figure this quilt would only take me a year and a few weeks to make if I keep working on it at that pace!  LOL


But that's all I did!

It's not a whole lot, but...

it's one step closer to finishing up the next strings top!  I know one thing is for certain - if I don't work on using up these strings and scraps, I'll never finish these tops, so even if I'm only inching towards the finish line, I'm still moving! At least that is what I keep telling myself.

I trust you have a wonderful day - wherever you are reading this! 


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