Using Adding Machine Paper Tape

IMG_9316 sm.jpg

I checked my supply of adding machine paper and all my normal width - sort of normal, anyway, was about gone. And I need some.  I have a lot of blues I want to sew to paper tape  since I'm committed to trying to use UP those blues. I have a ton of blues fabric pieces that are so small or irregular, so that I want to use them by sewing them on paper tape.

I invested in some different sizes. Look what I found.

I knew that the skinny kind existed, but didn't think about trying to use it in a quilt. Until I did.

I was standing at the little store and the lady brought out the skinny kind and asked me if I wanted it. I said, "No, I want that wider kind! No, wait...I'll take it as well!"  So I bought myself some really skinny tape, some medium tape and then I had this wide stuff from a store in Newton, KS purchased in 2013. I'm almost out of it, though. I'm going to look around here in Poland see what I can find.  I may be able to find different sizes yet!

I'm not sure what creation I'm going to come up with yet from them, but maybe something like this.

IMG_9333 sm smname.jpg

Or not. I think it'd be nice to use all the sizes I have in one quilt. But in order to create the order I like with  crumbs blocks I will need quite a bit of background fabric. Otherwise, the whole thing just looks like madness. I'm not convinced I like the "madness" look. Works for others - I'm not so crazy about it.

Here are two I finished way back in 2013 - using these strips of adding machine tape that have things sewn on to them.


The above one used two different sizes of tape. The one below all the same size with varying spacing of the rows.

23 - 2013.JPG

I will work up a tutorial on how to sew the scraps to paper tape and put it under the tutorials tab on the web site. That way it will be available and easy to find by anyone at any time. I know at least one of my readers has been asking for something like that.

And now you know...yet another crumbs quilt in the works - at least in my head.  I've got all these ideas - not enough time - even though I actually do have a lot a of time! Well, ok...we've all got the same amount of time - 24 hours in a day. I'll do my best to maximize the time I spend sewing!

Don't forget to check out what my sis has for you on the site. Did you realize she has wide backing fabric? Yes, she does!