A big spool of thread

Just under a year ago I started using this this spool of thread. I wrote on the inside the date so I would remember. This particular spool holds 30,000 meters (think  yards) of thread. That's a lot.

IMG_9206 sm.jpg

It cost me about $9.


It lasted me almost a year. I used it for bobbins.

and just for comparison, I showed it next to a spool that is 5000 meters and then one that is about 1000 meters.

IMG_9225 sm.jpg

I picked this up at my local wholesale store, Emilka.  It's almost time for another visit over there! I'm on my last cone of regular white thread that I use on the top. Maybe I should use up some of colors, though - I tend to use white often and most often. It seems like as soon as I want to try a nice dark color, I end up using white fabric - and the dark thread shows through. - or at least I'm afraid it will.

And this short little 'check in' on my thread usage - especially with regards to this humongous spool - is done!  

Have a great day!  I'm off to sew!

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