"Lacy Chains" - upcycled blues #28 top finished

When I was looking over my upcycled blues project a few weeks ago, I realized that I still had too many lights. I needed to use a higher percentage of lights than mediums or darks. I needed to think of something!

Since I do like the chains patterns, I delved into this idea.  I could make various shaded chains - so I came up "Lacy Chains".

IMG_1479 sm name.jpg

I used a variety of blues in shades from the lightest of light blue to paler blues, medium blues and finally for the main chains, I went with 2 strong blues - a navy and a royal blue.  Here's a close up of the center of the quilt top so you can see what's up with it and what I used.

I made the chains two different sizes as well.  Having them contrasting sizes helped make for an obvious difference - and keeps it interesting, I think. The royal blue/navy blues were cut with 2" strips/squares and the white/medium blue chains were made using 1.5" strips. I was very pleased with the look on this one.

IMG_1527 sm name.jpg

But to make this simple idea of a quilt, it does take 4 different blocks.  Each section of color is made up of 9 blocks - so it's a 9 patch of blocks -  You would have really groaned if I had made it how big I had originally planned it - and that was a 3x3 layout - but that left me absolutely no room to make a lacy border and I really wanted that look. 

What's been taking me so long to write about this one was the pattern. I've been really trying to get them written as I put the top up - as it is difficult for me to write them later - but of course I can do that!  I checked the date on those pictures and it is June 22. I had thought it was even longer ago than that - I guess I've been clicking away on these tops - since it is only early July right now.

Anyway, the pattern is here. I hope someone can use it!

Have a great day!

It's summer here and warm - and we've got company coming in tomorrow! (overnight company - not extended company)

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