"How can you offer these fabrics for so little money?"

“Hey, Rachael, I’ve got an 150 bolt assortment of Riley Blake fabrics. Do you want it? It’s available to you today for just X.XX?” On the other end of the line is my all time favorite closeout supplier rep talking just to me!

Or I get an email with an attachment from a different supplier telling me, “This amazing sale is only going on through Thursday night. Do you want me to put together an assortment for you at X price?”

I read such emails and texts with eager anticipation. I’m never sure exactly when these things are going to pop onto my computer screen.

But when they do, I either accept or reject, all based on price. I don’t even see what we’re getting. I don’t get to cherry pick out only certain fabrics. It’s usually an all or nuttin’ deal.

So, you wonder, “Rachael, how in the world do you have such beautiful first quality fabrics, and you're prices are so low??”

Well, this is exactly how we do it.

A few days after I say, “I will,”  I open my door and there I see either box after brown box on the steps, or I get a call from a local freight delivery man who is hauling pallets of fabrics to me, and he wants to be sure that I’m where I need to be in order to receive them.

It’s like Christmas all the time. Seriously. So.Much.Fun.

Once unloaded, the real challenge begins.

If it’s a small load we receive it at my house, where we pull out our colored tubs --which you see in many, many pictures-- and start to try to make some kind of reason out of insanity!

We separate either by color or fabric design or designer, depending on what we’re getting.


Color coordinating the bolts

Here you can see that I was dividing the bolts up by color and a whole heap of Halloween fabrics are in the bin by my driver's van door. Some bins get full faster than others, which translates into more on the shelf!

Once we get them all into tubs of “like kinds,” then the real work begins.


Photo Center

Here each fabric is opened from the plastic, and photographed on this amazing photo machine. The camera stays set up in this position at all times, to provide consistency with the photographs. (If it were a person, it would have a permanent blood rush to the head syndrome.)

We take them into the Fabric Photographing Station, where we take pictures of them and then upload the photos to the website.

At that point, we put them up into the New Fabrics category, and we contact Steven, our IT department, who adds them to the appropriate category on the website. We are sure to mark the end of the bolt so that all the order fillers can locate the fabrics,  we take "tub photos," and then we get them over to the Fabric Warehouse where we can shelve them into the correct location, based on what we put on the end of the bolt.

If we have too many fabrics for one particular color, and it’s a multi-colored fabric, then we will often times choose the one with the least number of bolts. Sometimes we end up moving entire shelves full of fabrics to make more room for, say, “PINK Fabric,” if we get a lot of those in and we are overstocked on pink!

Sometimes as I look at the fabrics, I think, “This would be a beautiful pack.” Then, I’m like a maniac, hunting and hunting for more fabrics to make up a decent sized pack. (Right now I’m on a hunt for more cat fabrics, as I have just 4 so far, to put together a cool cat pack!)

However, because we’re in the process of another expansion and I have at least 40 boxes still boxed up, waiting for me, I’ll just have to be patient and wait.

Then I can have Christmas in July!

So, if you come to our site expecting the latest and the greatest fabrics that just came out 3 weeks ago, well, it’s not gonna happen! We simply don’t have them (yet).  But, we do have amazing prices on last year’s fabrics, or ones that were closed out last month or last quarter! And you'll love what we've got to offer you!

So, check back often! We’re always getting in more and putting up more! Of course, we sell a lot, as well! So, the selection is always changing, unlike that consignment shop near you that never sells a thing!

Check it out now! You’ll love our selection!