"Circuit Board" - Upcycled blues top #31 finished

Thanks everyone for the name ideas. I am using Circuit Board - it was an idea that someone on the Facebook group gave me. After doing some googling, I decided I liked it! I decided to save some of the great name ideas for future patterns!


Once again, I am drawing a blank.

Maybe it's the summer blues. :) LOL  My mind is  empty. No ideas.

This is number 31 of my upcycled blues project and I need a name for this quilt top/pattern.

Does it make you think of anything when you see it?

Any ideas? I'll gladly take them!

It's simply a 9 patch, surrounded by a black frame and then a colorful (blue, of course) frame. The sashing is made up of strips made up of 2" strips and white. All on point. Seems like I like "on point".

IMG_2527 sm name.jpg

Thank you again for all your help with suggestions. I'll get the pattern finished up by Monday sometime and get it up once I decide on a name. Thanks!  Look back here for the link to it or check the free patterns page anytime!

IMG_2533 sm name.jpg

This one really chewed up a lot of those strips I had.  It went must faster than  making those ones with 1.5" strips,for sure!

If you check out the "upcycled blues project" page on the website, you can see exactly where I am on this project.

I am slowly coming to a close. I recently gathered up all those pieces that were spread out in my daughter's bedroom and put them all back in one bag. I need to begin to make a lot more crumb blocks out of a lot of them to add to "A Hot Mess".. I do have 1 more you haven't seen - but it's in pieces - though all the pieces are made. I need to do some heavy duty pressing before I continue AND I'm pushing through to finish one more after that - I've actually started on it as well. That will make a total of 41 in this series, if I've counted right.

I'm stopping there.

Yes I am.

You can write it down. I'm done - or will be, when I finish up the Pockets one, the Hawaiian one. the Biscuit/puff quilt, A Hot Mess, etc.

The only way I will add to this series, is if I make yet more crumbs blocks from leftover pieces - but no more regular piecing. 

I'm gallivanting off in other directions now! 

It's fun to think about another type of project - even if it involves getting some quilting done or making some smaller children's quilts - for grandkids, grand-nieces and -grand-nephews as well!  How fun would that be?  I'm not sure. I'll let you know when I get them all made!

I also want to make up some solids/black charity quilts for young adults/teens/tweens.

I made a bunch a couple of years ago and they were very popular! I have plenty of solids in those colors - something like these - Its' a giant rail fence. This time I want to make a few using more color - reds, purples blues, greens, etc. More pure colors - less shades. We'll see what I can do. I'll use what I have though. These are all gone. Every single one I made was chosen.

I trust you have a great day wherever you are reading this!

That's it from my part of the world - at least having to do with quilting!

Don't forget to give me any name ideas you might have for this top! Please put them in the comments here or over in the Facebook group - Quilted Twins - Scrap Quilting and More with Becky

Be sure to check out what my sis has for you over in the store!  I'm sure there is something wonderful you can use!