What kind of all over quilting patterns do you like to do?

Last weekend when it was particularly cool I made a conscious decision to try to get 4 quilts quilted - as a minimum. I wanted to finish 5 if possible.

I was debating what to quilt, as usual, and I began to ask myself, "What do I even know how to do?"

I am way too impatient to draw things out with a stencil and do detailed, very careful quilting. I still contend if we can slap two uncut pieces together and stitch where want and call it improv, we should relax about our quilting. Seriously. Why can we piece any which way but quilting has to be perfect or we "feel inferior" somehow? (I'm still for calling it "primitive"!)

I don't know the answer.

That's for another discussion.

What do I actually know how to do when it comes to  and over all pattern in free motion quilting?

Not too much. It is hard to do big flowers. I need to work on them.

I love all the stuff that Angela Walters does!  

But I don't want to focus on what I can't do - these are what I do know how to do - 

  • I am pretty good at loops. :)
IMG_2807 sm for header.jpg


  • I can do basica meandering or stippling - though I find it harder than loops.
IMG_1566 sm name.jpg


  • Stars and loops
IMG_2100 sm name.jpg


  • Hearts and loops or hearts and hearts
IMG_6452 sm name.jpg


  • Curls!  I'm working on improving them, but I have done them and feel like I "can do" them - I'm starting to enjoy them. I feel like I do them "ok".
IMG_5455 sm name.jpg


  • I recently decided to try a flower motif. This is on a newly quilted quilt (in other words, you'll see it soon!)
IMG_24 sm.jpg


  • I had tried a different flower previously and called it primitive flowers as they looked so well, primitive!
IMG_2462 sm.jpg
  • I did one that was a spiral and then it twisted out and cut across the spiral into the next one. The idea came from Kim Diehl.
IMG_6649 cropped.jpg
  • I've done feathers but don't feel comfortable with them.
IMG_6568 name.jpg

And that's about it.

Oh - I recently did one more - an elongated loop - I found it not too hard except I didn't know what to do in the corners!  (I'll show this one soon as well!)

IMG_2472 sm.jpg


I need to increase my repertoire!

I will admit that this doesn't come easy to me. Somehow my brain doesn't, for the most part, come up with super neat quilting designs and my hands certainly don't want to do them. I know you say it's practice!  But I have practiced and some people just seem to be able to do it without nearly as much practice as I've done, I suspect. I'm not afraid of hard work - not at all. But I'm thinking that is part of the art of quilting isn't particularly "my gift".

But because it doesn't come super easy to me, I really do feel a sense of accomplishment for even my simple attempts at free motion quilting. I think some people take to it like ducks take to water. Seriously. But I'm okay with that.  If you are a natural at something, you don't feel quite the sense of accomplishment at success as you do as when you have to really work at it. At least that's what I keep telling myself!

I also remind myself I'm trying to do the equivalent of writing by moving the paper while the pencil is holding still, instead of moving the pencil!  That also is somewhat consoling.

Then I think of Joni Erickson Tada.  If you don't know who she is, you really should look her up! Here's a you tube link to her drawing! (She's a paraplegic and here is some of her finished art.) 

I suppose I have no excuse, whatsoever! 


What are some of your favorite all over designs - the kind that don't take center stage on a quilt but look nice.  I'm talking about ones ones that you know how to do!  

I'd love to hear your opinions! Any favorite motifs you like to do?

Thanks for checking in here today! 

Have a great day, wherever you are reading!


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