Crumbs/strings update

I was able to get some more sewing done on my blues crumbs. We have had some cooler weather the last few days so ironing/pressing hasn't been an issue for which I'm grateful!

"A Hot Mess"

I added 3.5" strips to one side and a top

and I added some 6.5" sections to a side and top.  This will keep the quilt top from looking like I'm adding to it in rounds - as I'm trying to make it seem more random than that.

It doesn't really matter - exactly what I did. It now measures about 47"x48".  I hope to keep adding to at least one side or edge each week until it ts the size I want it.

    A Hot Mess  now measures about 47"x48".


A Hot Mess now measures about 47"x48".


Then I worked some more on this top - 


I thought I had all the necessary string blocks for this. But alas, when I sewed the HST at the beginning - apparently I sewed them inconsistently - I didn't realize it mattered. It is kind of hard to explain, but I have too many of the wrong direction now - so they will be saved for some other project and I need to make about 11 more 10" strings blocks up and down -- not diagonally.

I finished up 23 blocks. - I need 64. I have 43 of the crumb/red part of the blocks ready to go in total. I need to make 21 more now that I messed up some of the blocks by sewing the half stitch triangle the wrong direction on some of them.  (That was a comfusing paragraph - just take it from me that I need to make some more - am not done making string blocks or hourglass blocks even though I thought I was!)

But I grew tired. I worked on this for a couple of hours, but once I realized what I had done, I didn't have the heart to do more. I trimmed for probably an hour - just getting those hourglass blocks ready to add the black to.

Let me show you.


Originally I had a bunch of strings blocks like this - 


I had some 10" squares that I placed on top of them and drew a line across the middle diagonally and made HST triangles (I did this before today) - so I had a bunch of large HST. 

I placed those HST blocks on top of each other, drew a line down the middle diagonally and sewed on each side of the line, cut on the drawn line - just like a regular - no string -  hourglass block - they look like this - They were messy, though and I trimmed them down to 8.5"

Trimmings from my unfinished hourglass blocks.

Trimmings from my unfinished hourglass blocks.

I then sewed a black strip to 2 sides (2.5" width) and then made the blocks. These are the ones I need in order to complete the top in the plan shown above. I have 23 of these all done.I need 64.



So I made some progress on my strings projects - I feel like I made more progress on my crumbs project than the stings  one. I still have more to do on this particular strings top before I can put it together. It feels like it's been a long time that I've been working on it but part of that is because I started making straight up and down string blocks last year - and then stopped since I didn't have a plan as to how to finish them.

I did like how much I got on A Hot Mess, though.

But overall, as long as I keep going, even making baby steps, I'll eventually end up with another strings top. I'm excited that I'm making progress, albeit small. 


picture from google images

picture from google images

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