Cultural: Gardens in Poland

I am sewing. I am. I am.

However, I'm also doing other things right now. Today I spent a good bit of today with a friend in the hospital getting ready for her first chemotherapy. I'm planning on making her a quilt in the next week or so.

I have a small garden planted and it's been pretty dry here these last few days.

Our ground is so sandy that we actually need rain every couple of days or we need to water. I realized after I got home today that my garden desperately needs it - I had been hoping rain - as it is so much easier and faster than my feeble watering.

When we first came to Poland there were more gardens than there are nowadays. Lots of people grew tomatoes in their yard - not so many nowadays.  

So what do I have?

Well, I have some sugar peas - and our spring changed from cool to "hot" so fast they are quickly burning up - getting finished. I picked a bunch today lest they get too big and aren't tender.


I also have some tomato plants - I haven't had really good success with them in the ground as we often have some really wet weather and without spraying for disease, which I don't like to do, they tend to get sick with a fungal disease. If the summer would stay this dry, they wouldn't, but sometimes we get rain for a week without much sun and that often spells the beginning of the end of my tomatoes.

IMG_1277 sm.jpg

I found I have better success with them in pots - so I have about 20 plants in pots. This year I planted yellow and red pear and round cherry tomatoes - mostly that's all I planted. I have large plants and plants designed for pots!  We'll see.

IMG_1271 sm.jpg

I also recently planted some zucchini when I found out my daughter in law likes it. I had previously decided this year to practice some self-control and NOT plant it since I don't usually know what to do with it when I get it. Zucchini tends to be plentiful and easy to grow - even in my poor soil.  

My zucchini coming up. Once they are up and going they tend to grow very fast!

My zucchini coming up. Once they are up and going they tend to grow very fast!

When I realized she liked it, I bought a couple of packages of seeds and planted them all. So far I have 17 plants up! The first week of August or so I will probably have so many zucchini I won't have a clue what to do with them.

I also have pumpkins - orange and white in various shapes and sizes (first time I've planted white), corn and green beans coming up. I don't have pics of those plants though - I'll show them some other time - especially as I get some fruit off of them - or something interesting to see.

In some ways writing a blog about plants is a bit easier than writing about quilting - because with quilting, if I don't get to my sewing room, there isn't anything new. However, plants will grow with sun and water - even if I'm away on vacation!

Times have changed, however, in Poland, and it seems that fewer people are growing gardens. It think it is just because we can buy fresh veggies all year long at reasonable prices. People are getting busier as well - as the job market is better and better. The "need" isn't there.  

If you aren't a gardener, then you won't understand how fun it is to actually gather your own produce! If you are, you "get" it.  

Our weather is normally ideal for cool weather plants like potatoes, cabbage and other kale plants like broccoli and cauliflower.

This year, so far, anyway, our summer has been plenty warm for all the heat loving plants - and it's only mid-June!  Should be an interesting summer for my pumpkins.   I like growing them - they are indeed fun to grow and I like to give them away AND keep a few for myself. I tend to cook them up and package the pumpkin into 2 cup packages and put it in the freezer for pumpkin bread or pumpkin soup.

I also have some potted flowers. I need to add some yellow and purple to this collection!

IMG_1296 sm.jpg

And that's what's been happening from my little section of the world!


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