"Palace Tile" - upcycled blues top #26 finished

Edited -

I chose a name - as you can see!

Thanks for all the suggestions - both here and over in the Facebook group!


Ok.  I'll be honest. I have a name that I've been using on my file folder but my sis told me it's a bad one.

So I need a name!

Something that does this beauty justice!

When I made this one - my "inspiration" was a simple rail fence section made out of 3 strips - a dark, light, dark. I had some leftover from a different project and I thought after a couple of other quilts where I was piecing individual squares that I wanted to do something with strip piecing. So, I just worked up this one while playing around with some blocks in the Electric Quilt program. It has 2 different blocks and each block uses 4 of those little rail fence sections.


IMG_8533 smname best.jpg

A little closer up - 

IMG_8518 sm name.jpg

If you have any good ideas - something that will do this top justice, I'm listening. Just put it in the comments below or hop on over to the Facebook group Quilted Twins - Scrap Quilting and More with Becky - and chime in!

I'll put the pattern up tomorrow - on Wednesday-- after I decide on a name.  

This is top number 26 in my series of upcycled blues. I love how this one turned out - yes I do. It went together pretty quickly - well as quickly as a quilt top with this many 1.5" pieces could go together. There was a lot of piecing in it, naturally, since this quilt is based on a small strip.  So far I'm not really into "miniature" quilts and to date, I've not gone smaller than a 1.5" strip. (So far!)

And that's what's been happening with regards to quilting from my part of the world!


Did you want to know what I named this thing on the file folder? Well, in one place I called it "Dizzy" and the other one I called it "Ditzy".  My sis said, "No way! It's too pretty for such a name!" (either one) So, I gave in. I'm in search of something much more noble, more royal, and overall more fitting for this top!

After I decide, I'll put the pattern here!

Don't forget to check out what my sis has for you in the store!  I'm sure there is something you can use!