Let's Make a QR Code Quilt - part 4

My goal this week was to finish half of the rest that I had to do - 15 rows.  I'd gotten a lot of segments put together so I was hoping that they would go together somewhat quickly and smoothly.

Here is where I am so far!


I don't have a lot of homework for you right now.  When I finish this top, hopefully in one more week, I'll get to sandwiching it and quilting it. I want to show that part as well.

One fun note about this particular quilt top - I don't have to worry about watermarking it! At least not once I get it all finished!

The "QR" code is going to read like this when finished:

Qr code message jpg.jpg

I'm getting excited about it. I always do when I can smell a finish!  The only thing holding me back now is the weather. I don't want to iron in my sewing room until later in the evening when I can open windows


Your homework for this last week is threefold

1. Finish your last rows. For me that is 11 or 12 rows, I believe. I need to have 41 rows


2. Make a decision about the border  - do you want one, and if so, how big?  I'd recommend one so that you don't cover up more than 1/4" of the design on the outside row. I tend to cover a bit more than 1/4" when I bind, so a white border for framing is going to be essential as I don't want my binding to mess up the design and make it unreadable.


3. Decide what you want for backing. If you don't already own it, go ahead and order it (of course, check out what my sis has for you) or find it locally!

And that's it from my part of the world today with regards to quilting!

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