Let's Make a QR Code Quilt - part 3

I know it's going together sort of slowly, but I'm assuming you have other things to do besides this.

What I did this week was to add 10 more rows. This puts me almost 1/3 done. It actually feels like more like halfway since I've made up segments, made my pattern, marked it, etc. So, I feel like the top is more like half way done, even though it's not.

I can feel myself starting to get "into" it now. I'm almost 1/3 finished with it!  My top will only be 41"x41" plus whatever side borders I put on it - maybe a couple inches all the way around.

Here's what it looks like. 


A few tips.

1. Paper clip your pattern together to the cover sheet with multiple paper clips. It helps.


2. Keep your pattern where you can constantly look at it while you sew.

3. Keep your partially constructed strip pieces in a box nearby.


4. Press all your seams on direction for each row. Don't worry about trying to press only to the dark. That would get incredibly complicated and impossible.

5. Make various combinations of strip sets segments to make constructing the rows faster and easier.


For your homework for next week, I'd like you to try to do half of whatever is left - so we can finish this top in only two more weeks.  I think that's a good goal without being too hard to meet. For me, instead of 10 rows, I'll try to get 14 or 15 more rows finished. Then we'll be on the home stretch!

(Of the top, that is!)

And that's it. Once you've figured how to make segments and precut them, how to make your pattern, how to follow  your pattern, this quilt is really easy. It's just doing the same thing over and over again, row by row until you are finished!

And that's all that's going on from my part of the world today - at least with regards to quilting!

Have a wonderful day!

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