Strings/crumbs update - Strings 4 top finished!

I really am not sure what to call this one either, except for Strings 4 - I'll figure out something out. Until then it is Strings 4.

Strings 3 is under construction still - I've made things difficult for myself by making a hard to deal with block!

But that's for a different post.

IMG_0018 sm name.jpg

A little closer.

IMG_0033 sm name.jpg

I did make 5 more string blocks which created 10 more of these blocks once I made them into half square triangles - as I had lacked a few from finishing completely last week.  I think when I bind this either I'll use black or make sure all the scrappy pieces I use are dark, full saturated colors.  I think black would be best.

This is a heavy quilt top!  With the extra weight of an extra layer of fabric for sewing the strings to,  along with the fact that there are many seams in the strings blocks themselves. But I'm not particularly afraid of a heavy quilt! Where we live, quilts are needed because it is often cold!

My son is working on a table reno of my huge dining room table (picnic style) and I'll admit to being a little antsy about his not finishing it. I'm actually wishing he will get it all varnished and put back together so I can use it again!  It makes sandwiching quilts so easy since it is so big!  And I'm actually starting to find myself wishing I could do some more quilting! Yes, I can hardly believe it.

But honestly, I had so much fun doing those two that those swirls - I loved how they turned out - that I'm wanting to get busy and do some more.  I've got quite a few more tops I want to do before this fall, if at all possible.