"Starstruck" upcycled blues #25 - top given a name!

I finished this top - It's upcycled quilt top number 25.

Edited to add - I was overwhelmed with great name ideas -both here at the blog and at the Quilted Twins Facebook group! Thank you so much!

I don't know what to call it.  In the midst of my delusion, I at first thought it would be called "Finale" - ha. Not going to work.

I need a name.  Any suggestions?  I'm taking them for one day - so by tomorrow, I'll choose one and put the pattern up for you to download. As it is, I can't put up "unknown" for you.

Here it is!

IMG_8170 sm name.jpg

The center of the quilt is simply checkerboards. I like simple checkerboards and I've used them several times, actually.  I've not really made one like this however.

And the outer stars - when I put those into the EQ program, somehow it just "clicked" for me. I honestly played around with a different border block - looking for something easier than these stars. However, I wasn't happy with any of the things I tried, and believe me, I tried to find something I would like as well.


I knew they'd be a bear to make and explain how to make!

Once again, this is a rather large quilt - a nice queen size - about 103"x103" before quilting. Mine tend to shrink about 5" after quilting and washing, so it'll probably finished in the 97-98" range.

I hope some of you can use this pattern. And if not, then at least the idea! I am so happy with it - it is clean, refreshing, and different! The next few I'm making are much "busier" feeling than this one - and to me this one is just well, one of my favorites in this second batch of quilt tops (from 21 on).

I will upload the pattern when I have a name. I'll decide on a name after I get some help with this since I'm drawing a blank on a good name for it.  If you have something that pops into your head when you see this top, I'd appreciate your sharing it with me so I can come up with a name.

Thanks so much!

In case you are wondering where else I've used checkerboard blocks - let me show you - All of these free patterns are on the free patterns page except for Feelin' Blue. I've not written that one (yet).

I hope you've enjoyed this little slide show!

And that's all from my part of the world today!

My sis, Rachael, is heading to Ohio, where her son, Steven, is getting married this weekend, but the store is open for you business. She'll get back this weekend, and hop right on your orders!

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