"You're Covered" - top finished

Yes, another one.  I've been clipping along one these - with the  hopes that I truly can conquer these blues - for sure - SOON!

This is number 24 in my "upcycled blues" series using up my pieces of fabrics from second-hand sources. I started the series in November thinking it would be about 10 tops/quilts in its entirety. That's a laugh!

I don't know why I was so delusional!

This whole quilt is based once again on only one block.

This whole quilt is based once again on only one block.

It is a basic 16 patch which has a shadow added and then a frame and then another shadow - it makes for an interesting block.

And yes, this is an upcycled blues quilt. The light blue was a duvet cover. The black was a sheet and the gray a duvet cover. The rest of the scraps were just leftover pieces that I cut into 2" strips and squares. I strip pieced where possible. When my pieces were just too small to strip piece, I cut them into squares and I pieced a normal block from squares. 

The name is because the way I pointed the blocks, it made me think of security cameras on streets which are often pointed in different directions. It's also a pun. I mean, this is going to be a quilt! "You're covered." Get it?  I hope so!

IMG_7858 cropped to show 4 blocks.jpg

I can't wait to quilt this one!  I do want to continue to quilt these as I can - if it doesn't get too hot in my sewing room. But for now, I'm still on a 'top making' binge. 

I do have some 2" strips tops from 2017 I need to finish up  - at least 9 of them in fact. Then I want to get back on my 2" strips series.

So, never a lack of things to do.  It's a nice problem, though. it means I'm staying busy.

Back to this top.  The blocks are large and went together relatively quickly. It was a nice change from the previous ones - Empty Bleachers - which used 1.5" strips.  

I hope you enjoy it. The pattern is here! I hope someone can use it!

And don't forget - if you ever want to keep up with what's going on with the upcycled blues series and you haven't been here in a while,  you can go over to the page and check. All the patterns that are written for it are there and you are welcome to them! 

And that's all from my part of the world today - at least with regards to quilting!

I trust you have a wonderful day wherever you are reading this!


Have a wonderful day!