Cultural - May 2: Flag Day

I've not written previously about Flag Day because it isn't an official political holiday. But it is a holiday here in Poland, much like Flag Day is a holiday (June 14) in the USA.  I can't forget that date, because it's also the date I got married!

Anyway, since this date falls in between May 1 and May 3 (duh!) which are both political holidays, it makes sense that they would put Flag Day here.  There are already flags lining the streets.  They are everywhere!  We even have a Polish flag which we normally put up on our balcony.

They've only been celebrating Flag Day since 2004, so it is quite recent.

The Polish flag is a simple red and white flag - or rather I should say white and red, shouldn't I? White is on the top.

It looks like this:

Polish flag on t shirt.jpg

Since both May 1 and May 3 are holidays, a vast number of people take off the 2nd as well.  This year, since May 1 and 3 are on a Tuesday and Thursday, respectively, this means taking Wednesday off.  Then naturally, why not take Monday and Friday off and just take the whole week? So, this year, these holidays are basically giving anyone who possibly can a chance to take a week off of work - in May.  Normally "holidays" fall in July and August, when school is out. Probably most schools won't have classes on Monday or Friday either, as the teachers want the time off as well!

I know my daughter in law and son's university classes are not taking place this week at all. I guess the teachers wanted off.  So they are using this opportunity to do some touristy things.  

I found a really interesting article about people making a huge flag (in English). I'll link it here.

This flag is enormous and it will be flown from the top of a lighthouse. It is 36 meters x 20 meters - or 118'x66'. The short video is in English if you are curious.

Here's a quote giving the history of why red and white are the colors:

Polish national colours are one of the few in the world of heraldic origin. They derive from the colours of the coat of arms of the Kingdom of Poland and the coat of arms of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. In the Polish flag, the white symbolises the white of the Eagle, which features on the coat of arms of Poland, and the white of the Pursuer – a knight galloping on horseback, which features on the coat of arms of Lithuania. Both charges are on a red shield. On the flag, white is placed in the upper part and red in the lower because in Polish heraldry, the tincture of the charge has priority over the tincture of the field.
photo from google images - This is a pretty typical site in the towns during this time of the year.

photo from google images - This is a pretty typical site in the towns during this time of the year.

So while May 2 is not a political holiday or an official "day off" from work (people who take it off have to use one of their many vacation days, in other words), it is a day that is recognized as something special.

And now you know! 

I trust you are having a great day, no matter where you are!

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