Strings/Crumbs update - "Shadowed Crumbs" top finished

This week I worked on the crumby blocks during the week so that I had the additional 44 more I needed by Friday.

On Friday I began putting them together in rows. I am using a layout of 11 across and wanted to make 11 rows. I had already finished 5 rows but needed 6 more--I had 22 blocks from last week and I made 44 this week.  

That left me enough. I added the shadows to them and went ahead and put them together.

When I get this far on a quilt, I just want to finish and see how it looks. I can barely stand it in fact!

Here is the finished top! 


This top measures 96"x96" - so it's not a small project!

This top measures 96"x96" - so it's not a small project!

This is also quilt top number 22 in my "upcycled blues" series!

Because I spent so much time working on it this week, I did not try to do other crumbs things. I was feeling pretty good about getting this much done in fact.

I do like it.  I like the fact that I was able to use up 3025 square inches or 2.33 more square yards of made fabric from my scraps that are just thrown in a bag under the sewing machine table.

IMG_7812 sm name brighter best cropped severely.jpg

I've not written the pattern for this quilt as it is quite easy. 

Someday I will go back and write up all the crumbs patterns - but not now. If you want to make this one, I've explained as I've gone along - simply go back and read the last few weekend reports of strings/crumbs update.

Here's a block summary.

block layout with words.jpg

The block is a crumb block measuring 5" square. A black shadow that is cut 2"x3.5" and a white 2"square and the black shadow on the other side 2"x5" and then a 2" white square.  This will make a finished 6.5" square block - after putting into the quilt top it will be 6". 

I used 3"x 6.5" cut sashing pieces and a 3" cut long sashing in between the rows (pieced to make it long enough to go across the full 96.5" width) and I put one on top making a top border. And that's it.

Easy peasy.

Fast? No.

Easy? Yes.


And that's all from me for my weekend crumbs/strings report! 


I trust you have a wonderful day wherever you are reading!

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